Thursday, March 17, 2011

Class Act, It's Zach.

Serious question, did his mom write this or is he gay? I feel like either is likely. Who calls you a "class act" other than your mom? How in the hell did a 13 year old know what "tre chic" means? His mom must of wrote this, that term died before he was born. On the other hand, he chose Hairspray over rock. And he used the term "Fab-u-losity"? I'm torn. That whole 1:05 scene kinda leans me towards the gay side. Only pissed off big black women on the subway have as much attitude as this kid. But his mom must be the only one who thinks liking hotdogs over casserole is weird, rite? I'm so split on this video.

P.s. Benjamin P killed it. "Impeccable pedigree". Lil' Wayne needs to sign this pre-pubescent Matisyahu to Young Money asap.

P.p.s How much you wanna bet this kid got a green screen as a present for his Bat Mitzvah?

P.p.p.s. That arm flopping at 3:50 is gonna be the next Douggie.

- found on barstool boston

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