Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Fake Girlfriend To Get Girlfriend?

 Business Insider- "Cloud Girlfriend," a startup that creates the "perfect girlfriend" out of thin air for users. The "perfect girlfriend" then sends you public messages on your Facebook wall, so you can deceive your friends into thinking you have a girlfriend as well as make you feel like you have a companion...

  • Cloud Girlfriend will consist of a network of real human beings, not automated bots, that users will interact with over Facebook.

  • Fuhriman thinks it can help guys get a girlfriend.  If visitors to your Facebook profile to see wall posts from your imaginary sweetheart, they might think, "Someone else thinks highly enough of this person to date him, so maybe I should too."

  • Cloud Girlfriend is not a porn site or adult chat service. (Although it does remind us a hotline where you can talk to someone of the opposite sex if you're lonely.)

  • Fuhriman said the site has a therapeutic value and can fulfill psychological needs like intimacy and friendship even though the interaction is virtual. He also maintains that these interactions can even build self confidence and help users navigate real-life situations                 

    Is is just me or is this ass backwards? You pay a company to do everything a girlfriend would do online. Wouldn't that lower your chances of getting any? Like a girl sees you're in a relationship on fb and is just like "oh, he's taken, guess I can cross him off my list.". Then either 1. you break up with the "girl" on fb and the girl you're after looks like a bitch or 2. you just tell her it was a way to get women. Either way that relationship is not off to a good start. But blaming her for breaking you and "girl" up could work to your advantage. She might feel like she has to be an extra good girlfriend, make up for ruining an already good one (as far as she's concerned). I think we can all agree that telling her it was a fake girlfriend is definitely not the way to go, rite? Like how would that conversation go, not well I'm guessing. That's like the guy who pretended to be gay to sleep with girls, they would see him as not a threat to their vaginas and he would be in. But how do you just tell her "Oh her? She wasn't real anyway. I paid this company to pretend to be my girlfriend so I could get chicks." Way to not stoop really low to get laid bro. And the stuff my girlfriend puts on my facebook is shit I like, not just random dumb ass "I miss you baby." or "I love you honey". I get cool shit like doctor who and bob's burgers shit. (That little compliment is totally gonna get me laid.)

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