Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Fat Bro "Eats" a Locus

This video was hyped so much. Aww shit, this dudes about to make one of the deadly plagues his buffet. Watch college age Thurman Murman house this locus.

It starts off promising enough, no fear holding the bug, he's not grossed out. He's downing a beer on the back of some moving vehicle, judging from his accent, either a pick-up or a quad, which shows he is prone to making horrible decisions. All is looking good. He even throws the whole thing in his mouth at once, don't wanna bite it and waste the juices.

That's where this video turns to shit. He gags, which is great, he might lose his shit at any moment, just projectile that beer he just chugged. But the pussy goes and spits a couple of times and just gives up and spits it out on the road behind them. What a misleading title. It should of been "Pussy tries to eat bug and fails horrible and looks like a little bitch". Don't they eat roadkill and possum for dinner like 4 nights a week. He needs to man the fuck up next time and take a page out of my boy Bear Grylls' survival guide and get that fucking PROTEIN.

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