Monday, March 14, 2011

This Thursday

I will be in the same mental state on Thursday as this guy.

Thursday is the perfect storm. St.John’s is playing their first game in the NCAA Tournament since 2002. I have one class. And it is St.Patty’s Day. That is 3 of the best reasons for anyone to drink. I plan on getting fucked up after(during) our game, either in celebration or in disappointment. I also plan on getting fucked up for St.Patty’s day. How can you not start drinking as soon as you wake up if you are granted green beer? Which means I will start the day with green beer, go to class, drink more green beer, switch to red beer during tip-off. I will piss half of the rainbow. This will be such a shit show, and I will get so drunk I won’t remember if we win or lose.

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