Thursday, March 31, 2011

Lafayette Needs To Step It Up

This has to be the worst lip dub since Ashley Simpson got caught on SNL, rite? So much wrong with this video.

1. Thanks for the intro Asian Snoop Dogg.
2. I thought Lafayette was a college, not a high school. These girls can't be more than 16 years old. And look at all the stuffed animals to come.
3. Way to not know a single word in the entire fucking song.
4. Great editing too. Sweet seamless transitions and no awkward shots of people standing on their mark waiting to do a motion.
5. None of these girls are hot. Like at all. Aren't athletes supposed to be attractive? They are acting like the ugly friend of the hot girl who thinks "Hey, my best friend is hot, that must mean I'm hot by proximity." Then they get an attitude that is only acceptable tolerable when you're hot.
6. Way to try and be sexy when you're in sweats and a sweatshirt.
7. And in the one or two shots where you got the words right, way to match it up with the song.
8.Little did I know Asian Snoop Dogg would be the best part of this video

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