Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Maxim 2011 Sex Survey

So, according to the annual Maxim survey (this year consisting of 8000 women), the average woman wants:
a Ryan Reynolds type, to meet someone through mutual friend, who introduces himself, with good hygiene, who playfully teases them, who pays on the first date which should be dinner and a movie.
That is the actual guy, they want him to "incorporate fingers into oral", makes love like a "gentle breeze", in doggystyle. But he can be lousy as long as he is amazing in every other way. But don't be skimpy on the foreplay, and last for half an hour (foreplay included), and if you dirty talk, "the c-word" is ok, but bitch and whore are off limits.
So, to sum up; Women are shallow. They want someone clean and rich, who uses their fingers when going down but makes love like a "gentle breeze", doesn't mind a lot of foreplay during their half hour of sex. "Call me cunt, but say I'm a bitch and I'm leaving".

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