Monday, March 14, 2011

Naked Cowboy vs. Naked Cowgirl

NY Post- Times Square is apparently big enough for two naked cowpokes.Underpants-wearing guitarist Robert Burck -- aka The Naked Cowboy -- has agreed to drop his suit against the female rival he accused of stealing his shtick.An out-of-court deal says saggy ex-stripper Sandra Brodsky can keep calling herself Naked Cowgirl so long as she adds her stage name "Sandy Kane" immediately before or after the valuable moniker.In return, the bikini-wearing busker promised to drop an application to the U.S. Trademark Trials and Appeals Board to cancel the cowboy's official trademark.Burck's Manhattan federal court suit had accused his foul-mouthed counterpart of damaging his brand with a raunchy act that included making "obscene gestures" while being photographed by tourists at the Crossroads of the World."We don't approve of the way she's doing business, and we want it known that we're in no way affiliated with her," said the cowboy's spokesman, Todd Rubenstein.He called the legal battle "a situation that could go on forever and ever and ever," adding: "We're not interested in that."Brodsky said the settlement showed that "I'm a winner, the cowboy's a loser. And people like winners, don't they?"She's also commemorating the court case with a new song that calls Burck "a boy named Sue" and warns: "Be careful what you say or do, or he'll sue you too.""I don't care how cute he is, I don't trust the motherf----r," she said. "I promoted his show, then he sued me."

Guest star from my Silent Library Episode, the Naked Cowboy dropped his suit against that copy cat whore the Naked Cowgirl. She obviously stole his idea and was trying to steal his money and fame. What is wrong with this world? I can’t just say “I wanna make a movie. It’s called ‘Inceptioning’. It is like the movie Inception except it all takes place inside another dream. The person watching the movie is in a dream and Leonardo DiCaprio and Christopher Nolan are trying to learn something from the viewer. The only difference between the two movies is that the info at the end is something you know.”
See, if I do that I would get the shit sued out of me, and I would lose horribly. Why didn’t the Naked Cowgirl lose. It is the same thing.
P.s. I wonder how “obscene” these gestures are. I wonder if they are more obscene than putting your nut sack on a college student’s shoulder.

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