Friday, March 25, 2011

No Food In Subway... Almost

NY Daily News- MTA Chairman Jay Walder rejected the idea of banning food in the subway as a way to curb litter that attracts rats and provides fodder for train-delaying track fires. "I think we all have responsibility to try to treat our subway system and fellow riders with respect. I think that extends to food as well," Walder said after the Metropolitan Transportation Authority's monthly board meeting Wednesday. But he added, "This is a system that carries 5 million people a day, and I'm not sure a ban on food is really practical or enforceable." When subway trash came up at a MTA board meeting earlier this week,  member Doreen Frasca called a ban a "swell idea" while another board member, Charles Moerdler, criticized litterbugs for trashing the system. "They're the cause of rats. They're the cause of the fires. We have to do something to make it clear that the public has to wake up," Moerdler said. The discussion came after someone posted a video on YouTube showing a woman toss her takeout meal at another woman after the two traded insults. Allen Cappelli, another board member, believes riders should be allowed to dine and ride without fear of getting a ticket. I am against punishing everyone for the transgressions of so," Cappelli said. "Those who litter or commit other offenses should be punished. Those who are law abiding should be left alone." Police issued less than 2,000 tickets for littering in the subway last year.
How are they gonna enforce this? Do you see all the fights going on? That is about 100x more important to be taken care of than me sitting there enjoying some half and half (lamb and chicken) over rice with white sauce

Smell: Yea some food stinks but so do homeless people. Gonna keep them out of the subways too? What about people who just have bad cologne?

Litter:And trying to blame to food people for the trash? Come on people, we all know it it just from having 5 million people there a day. Send 5 million people anywhere and trash will accumulate. Just look at what the litter is made up of down there. Yea there's some food containers and wrappers but just a quick look will show there are about 10 million (no exaggeration) metro cards on the tracks and on the floor. How about making them like credit cards instead of those flimsy shitty pieces of paper that don't read half the time if you've had them for more than a month. That's how you get rid of the trash.

And the rats? How can the rats be blamed on the food? The homeless people snatch up any scraps that people leave. Rats are there because the subway is just like a bigger sewer system, rats follow shit and people. They're there because it's wet and dark. How about fixing the leaks and the puddles on the tracks and the leaky ceilings and watch the rats go away so I can still enjoy my halal without having to worry about getting a ticket and a criminal record.

P.s. The bitch who threw her food in that video obviously need to find a new halal stand. I would never waste any of my half and half over rice on someone giving me an attitude about eating. "Yea I'm eating on the subway, cause I got shit to do. I can't just sit at home and designate a half an hour to eating at a table waiting for my side of government cheese. I got a job and shit. Sorry for having obligations and responsibilities."

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