Tuesday, March 15, 2011

OHHHH Ching Chong Ting Tong Wing Wong OHHHHH

Ok, I've been to the library for like two reasons. To work on projects with people I didn't want to see my filthy fucking dorm, and because I had to write a term paper for a history class where the teacher made us use books and we couldn't use the internet. What bullshit is that second one tho. Of course I have to go to the library for that, I don't have 6 text books lying around about fucking Napoleon. I had a stack of books about his boring ass life taller than he was. I never need to know Napoleon was born in Corsica. Plus, if I ever did, there is this new thing made called google, or what I always use for every paper I've had to write since high school, Wikipedia. But I couldn't even get a seat cause Asians took it over. Whatever, they study and shit. Maybe they are a little loud, big deal, put on headphones like a normal person and drown them out.

The big story here is, why the fuck is UCLA having their finals now?. I am having midterms and have 2 months left. How in the hell do they have like, half a semester and how to I sign up for that? I had mid terms and spring break, this bitch is gettin ready to look for a summer job. Maybe with half semesters I'll be able to graduate on time without spending my summers in class too.

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