Monday, March 14, 2011

Red Storm 2012 Slap Champions

So, is this the new thing, Slap contests? Cause if it is, I want in on the ground floor. This looks like the most entertaining thing I have seen in a long ass time. I would pay upwards of $20 for a ticket to this. St.John’s, make this a sponsored event in the Marillac Auditorium. I’m predicting that by this time next year, we will have to hold these at Carnesseca. Just think of how this progression would go:

March-April: it starts in dorm rooms, each floor in the dorms has their own league, the best are selected to the All-Dorm teams.

April: the dorm rooms start going at it. Holding tournaments Donovan vs. Hollis, Century vs. O’Connor. We hold them in townhouses so as to be as objective and professional as Olympic judges.

Finals Week: By this time we will have enough data on each slapper that we create a seeding like NCAA. We hold a tournament in the Marillac Auditorium, complete with a bracket and trophy.

Over the summer: word gets around, videos leak to other colleges. Eventually another college thinks they have what it takes, some school like Rutgers recruits a team and by the time the school year starts back up we have a Big East rivalry brewing.

Beginning of fall semester: We create a Big East Division of underground Slap Competitions. Home and away games, jerseys, buses packed with fans going to the away games.

By the time I graduate, this could be a legit sport with school funding (need something to spend that Title IX on), St.John’s Slap Team playing some home games in the Garden. I vote myself the 1st commissioner of the Slap Competition Division of the NCAA.

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