Thursday, March 24, 2011

"That Ho Is Tight"

There are so many points about this video that I can't really get into them as much as I would like, this is a blog, not a dissertation on Fat Ho Burgers.
1. Right off the bat; that anchor looks like he's had a couple of meals at FHB already. What happened to anchors trying to look decent, Ron Burgundy, Don (HIMYM). He looks like someone they should interview who would be in favor of keeping the place open.
2. How have I never heard the term "That Ho Is Tight" or any incarnation about the looseness of a symbolic ho.
3. As soon as they show that first shot of the burger, right off the bat that looks like the worst food ever. I would never eat at FHB just based on how that horrible shit looks, not to mention the burnt pieces of flattened dog shit in that container.
4. I like how they make everyone seem up in arms about the name but the best things they got during their interviews was "It's strange" and "That's somethin' I ain't never heard before". They don't sound like complaints, they sound like confused people sitting on their porches.
5. Hey Shelley, you sell out bitch. Way to ditch Waco and move to Cali and try to act like you still care about a little burger joint you will see when you visit family 2x a year.
6. Why does this facebook group matter? "Holy shit, 100 members. We better watch for riots next from the masses.". An awkward substitute teacher from my high school has 17x more people in his group than this pussy little clique (its not big enough to be a group yet).

Just let the fat ho sell her burgers and leave her the fuck alone

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