Monday, March 14, 2011

Predator Takes a Fall

When there is less than 30 seconds left, who would you want to have the ball rather than Kemba Walker? Like Dwight Hardy is nice but come on, that was ridiculous. For the other 39:30 I would always have the ball in Jimmer’s hands but for the last shot, Walker every fucking time.

Whats the worse fall, the one McGhee took or this one (skip to :30 seconds for the best one). On one hand you have, the one in the video. Very cartoonish, always a plus, he took his girlfriend (or one night stand) down with him (bonus points like a double kill?). Plus, did you see that crowd of people rush them like it was a 74-76 last second shot in the Big East tournament. But, there was (most likely) alcohol involved, and ice. Plus it was dark out. McGhee just had the shit bopped out of him, no booze, no ice. Shit, they probably used those giant mops made out of old laser discs right before the throw in to make sure there wasn’t even sweat on the ground. And here they also rushed the court like it was a 74-76 last second shot in the Big East tournament because thats exactly what the fuck it was. Plus, McGhee did a mini grapevine before going down like hes in fucking show choir. Winner (more aptly “Loser”): McGhee. Dude just ate shit in front of a packed MSG and on ESPN.

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