Sunday, March 27, 2011

White Kid Reads Some Waka Flocka

Can't knock the kid. I did the same shit when I woke up and had 2 more black roommates. I was like "Shit, I better learn what they listen to. Last thing I wanna do is get stuck for listening to Pink Floyd or some shit." Only this kid fucked up, he read it out loud for the whole internet. If I read this out loud I'd get attacked for sayin' their word. I know better. Out of the 11k views this thing got is probably like 5k black people just looking for signs of where he lives so they can hunt him down and beat his cracker ass.

I love this song and had to go back and listen to it as soon as this video ended to see if it really doesn't rhyme one fucking bit.

P.s. Is it just me or was there just a little too much "r" sound on that one at 1:34. That's the one that's gonna put the black people over the edge.

1 comment:

  1. "Called me a 'Cracker,' ugh ruined my day."