Friday, March 25, 2011

Would You Watch Glee If She Were On It?

Hi guys Glee is my FAVORITE SHOW of all time (b/c I love the songs) and this is my audition video for their opened call for new singers/performers!! I'm singing one of my FAVORITE CLASSIC ROCK songs "We Built This City On rock and Roll" by Jefferson Spaceship. Please watch and VOTE FOR ME!!!! Thank you!!!!!!

1. I started the video thinking "O.k. I guess she's waiting til the verse to get to the singing... Nope, guess she's waiting for a second person to come in like doing a duet with the original...Nope, what the fuck?"
2. At first I was like 'I guess she's doing some lipstick warpaint? Maybe its a rocker thing like Joan Jett. Its an '80s song, that was cool in the '80s rite?... Nope she's still going...Glad she didn't miss the inside of her ear. Way to use it like a q-tip... And there goes the teeth."
3. Did Lady Gaga inspire the red face?
4. Shoulda picked Freebird, maybe you coulda finished. You left some spots blank.
5. At least she has manners thanking us for considering her "audition" at the end.
6. I never thought lipstick would get more creepy than "Would you fuck me? I'd fuck me.". I was wrong.

P.s. The tags include glee, singing, jefferson spaceship (its starship btw, maybe something you should know about one of your "FAVORITE CLASSIC ROCK songs", megan amram (cause people look for that tag all the time), cool, literature(?), and god is dead???

What does "literature" have to do with smearing lipstick on your face while "singing" to an 80's glam rock song? "God is Dead"? That is your first sign that something is wrong.

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