Thursday, April 7, 2011

3 Videos of Pepper Sprayed Little Shit (Unfortunately No Action Footage)

These videos are full of just gem quotes. Here's a bunch of them and what needs to be said to the little bastard and that horrible mom.
1. If you can throw chairs and a tv, you can get pepper sprayed.
2. The boy's privacy? How many kids live in Lakewood, named Aiden that go to the fucking school that was shown. You dip shits showed the school and said you're protecting his anonymity? Never go to 9News for witness protection
3. “I wanted to make something sharp if they came out because I was so mad at them,".What? Direct quote from the violent little prick. And they don't think this kid should be pepper sprayed? He made a fucking spear/sword and waved it around his teachers threatening to kill them.
4. "Common criminal"? Hey Mandy, your future degenerate of a son is going to be a common criminal pretty fucking soon. Fuck that. He is a common criminal. Ever heard of Assault, destruction of private property, vandalism, endangering the welfare of a child? Common criminal shit. Shit your knee-high terror is guilty of in that classroom.
5. The cops should of talked to her son? I would bet any amount of money they didn't just go in there and mace the monster. They probably said "Stop what you're doing. We will pepper spray you, and it will hurt a lot. Last chance, stop now or we will spray you." Then hissss, mace to the face, like a skunk who ate to many jalapenos.
6. "Anger things"? No shit. You mean having the cops called on you 3x before you hit double digit age isn't normal? Making weapons out of classroom shit and making teachers flee the room isn't normal?

Now, before you say I'm a horrible person, watch these other videos and you will want to mace the Spiderman loving nightmare too.

1. Couldn't wait 10 minutes? In 10 minutes there might of been someone going to the hospital from his makeshift wooden death stick.
2. So, he wasn't allowed to do something on the bus. You know the "stuff" was bad shit otherwise he would say what he wanted to do. No specifics, guilty man. I need to know what he wanted to do that was worth flipping shit over.
3. Oh where is the 8th amendment when you need it. "Put me in a corner with chairs". I thought Gitmo was being shut down. This is like modern day bamboo under the fingernails.
4. The interviewer gave him an out "Did you mean it when you said you wanted to kill them?" "Yea, kinda." You dumb ass, you always say "No, I was angry and of course I don't want to kill my teachers." This kid is a psychopath who can't even cover it up.
5. Way to take responsibility for raising your kid. Pretty much saying what he does at school is the school's problem. Great parenting.
6. Really, the medicine made him fat? Couldn't have anything to do with genetics could it?
7. Times it is okay to pepper spray an 8 year old: 1. If he threatens to kill teachers and has a weapon. 2. If he is not right in the head and is a danger to other kids and has a weapon. 3. If this is his third time having the cops called on him and he is swinging a weapon around. 4. If a mentally off kid, in a fit of rage starts tearing apart the classroom.

1. "I'm gonna kill you once you get out of that room." "I'm gonna kill you mother fuckers"-directed at cops
2. Another time its okay to pepper spray an 8 year old. When a kid tells cops "I'm gonna kill you mother fuckers."
3. "He's never hurt anyone in the past." Because they hid in another room until police disabled him.
4. Really Aiden? You don't know what road you're gonna go down. I think everyone who has heard any part of this story knows what path you're going down.

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