Tuesday, April 5, 2011

College Is Voluntary

VSUA mass media professor is facing battery charges in connection with an incident that occurred in his 10 a.m. law class Friday, March 25.  Assistant Professor, Dr. Frank J. Rybicki, was arrested Wednesday around 10:30 a.m., according to the Valdosta State University Police Department.  Dr. Rybicki is free on bail as of Wednesday afternoon, according to the Lowndes County Sheriff Department.  According to the original incident report, a 22-year-old female student went to the VSUPD to report an assault involving a faculty member in the mass media building.  The altercation occurred when Dr. Rybicki allegedly closed a laptop computer on the hands of a student, said Dorsena Drakeford, a student in the class and Spectator sports editor.  Dr. Rybicki closed the laptop because he thought the student was on non-class related websites. The student began to argue with Dr. Rybicki about closing the laptop and about the websites she visited while in class. Class was dismissed early because Dr. Rybicki seemed upset by the incident, Drakeford said.  When students returned to the same class on Monday, they were greeted, not by their teacher, but instead two VSUPD officers.

Barstool U- Bear in mind that I fucking hate frivolous lawsuits.  Can’t stand people that decide to just sue over the stupidest pettiest shit.   Now having said that if I had one wish for the day it would be that this case goes to the Supreme Court and this professor gets sued for $50K and goes to jail for the next 5-10 years.   Make an example of him for all the other college professors and teachers and administrators out there.    Hey you fucking elitist professor listen up.  That chick pays tuition.  She pays to go to this school.   She pays your salary.    She comes to your class to learn voluntarily because she wants to be there.  If she wants to look at Facebook or Twitter or read fucking Barstool in class she can fucking do that.  If she chooses that what you’re teaching at the moment isn’t that important to her and wants to read something on the internet she can fucking do that.  Just keep on teaching and mind your own fucking business.   Seriously nothing gets my blood boiling like the topic of these college authority figures on power trips playing God because they have 8 degrees in fields you’ve never heard of and have no application in the real world.    Get off your imaginary undeserved high horse, go write your research thesis for the academia journal with 47 subscribers, and go fuck yourself.

Me- How 100% correct is this post? I hate it when a teacher yells at you for using a laptop in class or doing shit that has nothing to do with the class. If I wanna fuck up on your exams than let me, dick. I don't work in class, obviously, I'm here instead. I think the teachers get pissed that I'm on Barstool NYC figuring out who to marry, fuck, and kill or watching videos of the horrible shit I can look forward to on the subway and still rock their tests. If people want to waste away 40k a year on fb or blogs instead of learning useless knowledge while you fill theology credits with no intention of dealing with God til I'm dead. Sorry I'm not listening to you ramble teaching me in riddles in philosophy. Sorry that the only thing to do with a philosophy degree is to become a philosophy teacher. Now let me get back to my game of words with friends and texting people about what I'm going to do when I get the fuck out of your torturous class where you aren't allowed to use a cell phone

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