Thursday, April 28, 2011

Double Dream Hands, Not Just A One Hit Wonder

Everyone remembers Double Dream Hands guy, well get ready mother fuckers, he's back and better than ever. Guess what else is back, list time.

1. Dude is rocking a Beach Boys tan, making his teeth look even more white.
2. "Wipe like safe." because we need a specification on which wipe to do.
3. The step clap has been my go to move for the last 10 years since Carlton made it famous.
4. I haven't seen "the hitchhike" since Grease.
5. Love the rubber legs.
6. I was with you til the kicks. That just looks rediculous.
7. Glad he brought back the rubber legs so quickly into the rotation.
8. His cha-cha is on point. Spaniards can't even do the cha-cha that good.
9. Jazz Hands is the only way to finish this dance.

1 comment:

  1. Is this what the exercises in your speech class are like?