Saturday, April 16, 2011

Feel Like An Old Person With None of the Benefits

KokenThe aged simulation set is a teaching material intended to demonstrate the inconveniences felt by the aged due to musculoskeletal, visual and auditory aging. This set is the most suitable for medical practice, nursing and welfare training. Inconveniences to the aged due to the changes in bones, muscles, sight and hearing can be experienced with this simulation set. This simulation set is suitable for the field of medical and welfare education.

 There is a couple of things this simulator doesn't let you experience, the best parts of being old:
1. Being able to get away with everything. Have you ever seen an article about when an old guy gets arrested. They have to do the worst shit to get in trouble. They get away with grabbing chicks 1/3 their age, walking around in robes or less, being the most obnoxious, racist, profane people ever and everyone just says "It's ok, he's old."
2. They don't have to work ever. Free money for working before. You are on permanent vacation, at least until you die or are incontinent (that's never a vacation).
3. You get people to do everything for you. Nurses, your kids that are old now, medical helpers.
4. Shitty TV seems awesome. Spend all day watching Murder, She Wrote, NCIS, Wheel of Fortune, shit maybe the news will finally be interesting.
They just give you all the bad shit about being old and none of the awesome shit you can do. Like those drunk goggles they had in high school so you wouldn't drink. It didn't give you all the awesome shit that comes with drinking.

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