Sunday, April 24, 2011

Mr. Wizard's Socially Inept Cousin Playing With Eggs

Now, while these experiments are awesome and look fun as hell to do (even if the results were pretty much expected [except for the Potassium Chlorate]), they are not what I took away from this video. What really stuck with me was the guy from 1:35 (and to everyone's joy, again at 4:15). The weirdest motherfucker I've seen since I took the R train down to Union Square. There are just so many awkward things about this dude. You know what that means, list time. This list is "Weird things about one guy in a normally cool video."
1. Sweet Albert Einstein meets grey Art Garfunkel hair doo.
2. Why does anyone need so many icons on their desktop? There's this new thing called folders dude.
3. I'm loving the graph paper being recycled into a shirt
4. That tie has to be like one of three that he wears, rite? The other two are chemical compound structures and atom diagrams.
5. What is with the ridiculous shaking? Is that why they stuck him in an office that belongs on "Hoarders" and far away from the chemicals? Maybe all those icons are the same one column of links just repeated 8x so if his hand shakes left or right he still gets to where he's trying to go.

P.s. Everyone has a Neil. That one friend that you and everyone else just bosses around and shits on all day. "Hey Neil, have fun cleaning up frozen and burnt up Cadbury Eggs while I go bang my assistant professor."

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  1. All the best scientists have shaky hands.