Wednesday, April 20, 2011

No Balloons At Stonehill College

To:        All Student, Employees, Alumni, Vendors, and Outside Groups
From:    Thomas V. Flynn, General Counsel
Re:         Ban on Latex Balloons
Date:     April 20, 2011

Please be advised that Fr. Cregan has authorized a ban on latex balloons on campus until further notice.
Latex products, and specifically latex balloons, pose a serious health risk to students and campus visitors with severe latex allergies.
Groups may continue to use mylar balloons.
Any group or individual wishing to use a non-latex substitute balloon other than mylar, must receive approval. James Hermelbracht, Director of Student Activities, has been designated as the contact person for any requests (student or otherwise) for the use of non-latex substitutes.
Any balloon, other than a mylar balloon, found on campus that has not been approved by the College will be removed.
I appreciate that such measures may, at first, seem overbroad; however, I must again emphasize the severe nature of the allergy experienced by many people.
Thank you for your cooperation.

Everyone has that one time where someone with an allergy was a complete annoyance and disruption from fun. In my math class last year there was almost a brawl between some black chick eating chips and some white bitch whining about being allergic to peanuts. Complaining about "I could die if I so much as smell a peanut." and of course "Bitch, there ain't no peanuts in here. Turn the fuck around." Then the girl allergic to peanuts starts crying "You don't know what it's like, living in constant fear of death." While these two had it out, my teacher was still trying to get us back on topic about voting methods and everyone else is getting their phones out ready to catch a video for with the title "Shit's goin down over peanuts in math."
P.s. How big of a pussy do you sound when you start freaking the fuck out over some stupid shit like peanuts or balloons. Constant fear of birthday parties and clowns are now 100x more scary because they pose a real threat to your life.

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