Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Overbearing Parents Trying to Ruin More Random Shit

Yahoo – A Boilermaker is nothing without his hammer.Besides the incredible 67-yard field goal by kicker Carson Wiggs, the highlight of Purdue‘s spring game was the ceremonial passing of the hammer to the latest incarnation of mascot “Purdue Pete.” Officials ordered the makeover last year, in part because the old version apparently frightened the children; his replacement was designed to be “both heroic and approachable,” The new edition also has “a deeper tan to represent more ethnicities” and a full-body suit as opposed to merely a head, allowing females to play what has up to now been all-male role. The New Pete will reportedly lose his trusty sledgehammer, as well, which was deemed “too violent” for a mascot — even for a Boilermaker mascot?

Waah. A hammer is scaring my child. What pussy is scared of a hammer? Kid was probably molested by a carpenter or something. Bob the Builder most be like Nightmare on Elm Street for this kid. And what shitty parenting by trying to change a mascot for a whole college instead of telling your kid to suck it up and quit whining.
First they take away our Red Men, now they take away Pete's sledgehammer. When does political correctness and censorship become bullshit? Because I'm pretty sure we passed it long ago. The Purdue Honkeys or something is offensive, but taking  away a giant foam sledgehammer, really? What's next? Gonna take away Duke's pitch fork, maybe change it all together, turn them into the Duke Angels or some other stupid shit.

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