Friday, April 29, 2011

New Pinata looks like a Maypole With A Candy Filled Topper

Pull String Pinata - Are you planning a kid’s indoor birthday party? A pull string pinata is a great party game idea when celebrating a child’s birthday indoors. Pull string pinatas have been designed for parents who are concerned about the possible danger in having a kid beat a pinata with a buster bat. They also became the best alternative when the party had to be kept inside the house due to the weather. This gentler version is a good party game idea for small kids who can harm themselves with the traditional pinata party game. It also allows small kids to get by themselves in a safe way some of the party favors and candy that fall from the pinata. Another advantage of the pull ribbon feature of the pinata party game is that it allows all kids to open the pinata together. In the common version the pinata is broken by the strongest hitter and sometimes this happens even before some children can have a chance at beating it. Celebrate your kid’s birthday with this safe and fun party activity! 

Well thanks over concerned parents. You just ruined my favorite Mexican party game. First, they removed the pins from "pin the tail on the donkey" and replaced it with tape. Okay. That's fine, it doesn't take away from fun. But 95% of the fun in a pinata is swinging the bat and trying to show off how hard you can crush paper-mache with a weapon a lot of people keep next to their bed in case of a burglar.
Next they're going to get rid of the blind-fold in "pin the tail on the donkey" and just let kids go up and tape the tail on the donkey. But whoever is the closest doesn't matter because everyone's a winner.

You know the creator of this no fun-having, mind-as-well-put-candy-in-a-bowl, glorified candy-filled trap door, piece of shit was the kid that would get up there and even when cheating and being able to see through the tie that was used as a blind-fold and not really spinning the best still couldn't break open the pinata even if they made contact. Then they would go cry while one of the big kids became the hero and crushed that candy-shitting donkey wide open and then had kids at his feet while they swarmed over the candy like he just brought his African tribe water.

P.s. This is going to cut videos of parents getting hit in the nuts by dizzy, blind-folded, candy-hungry kids wielding bats by like 99%.

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