Friday, April 29, 2011

Ron Artest Just Being Ron Artest

Now, I'll be the first one to support a St.John's Alum (even though he didn't graduate). Ron Artest started with basketball. Okay, he's good and all but he should stay on the court. Then when he won a ring with the Lakers he became a rapper (like ex-Laker Shaq). The only good song to come from an ex-NBA player is "I May Be Wrong".

But we chocked "Champion" by Ron Artest up to him being rich and black. But now, with his 5th team, his 6th different number change, and a brawl with some cup throwing fans he is apparently also a stand up comedian. Ron Artest, taking a page from Charlie Sheen and is apparently running a comedy show entitled "Ron Artest: The Ultimate Comedy Tour". Now, I have seen him in interviews and what not, he was funny, but his funny was not on purpose. Just like his rap.

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