Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Student Fights Lose Lose For Teachers

You know what happens when you break up a fight? You get 1. fired, 2. you get hurt. Teacher from my hs broke up a chick fight broke 2 fingers and a broken nose. Fuck that noise. Last thing I want is to get between two pissed high school chicks swinging away and pulling hair. You let the two crazed teens go at it like the winner gets a first row seat to a Bieber concert. Nope, your best option is just to sit it out and watch the fight. Let another teacher deal with the high school psychos while you get your iPhone out and take a video and send it to
Plus, this guy is a substitute teacher. He's not even a real teacher. They can barely control a classroom while everyone is in their seats not doing anything. Good luck making a sub break up a fight. They barely get paid enough to distribute the handout the teacher had planned and take attendance and play on the computer all day. 

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