Tuesday, April 12, 2011

There will still be Cops In 30 Years. Shocker?

Yahoo- Your career doesn't need to be as unstable as the economy. It's true...long-term security is not a pipe dream. At least not according to Carolyn Hughes, head of HR at SimplyHired.com, which has about five million online job postings users can search. Hughes says there are plenty long-term careers out there...but some of them might look a little different than they did a decade ago. "These days you might have a 30-year career in a specialized firm (like an accounting firm) rather than a big corporation that has all departments in house," she points out as an example. Want to learn more about stable career options? Keep reading to see seven careers with staying power.

Career #1 - Paralegals
Average Pay: $50,080

Career #2 - Accountants
Average Pay: $67,430*

Career #3 - Nurses
Average Pay: $66,530

Career #4 - Police Officers
Average Pay: $55,180

Career #5 - Teachers
Average Pay: $53,150 to $55,150

Career #6 - Tax Collectors
Average Pay: $53,800

Career #7 - Budget Analysts
Average Pay: $69,240

No shit. The world will still need teachers, accountants and nurses in 30 years? You mean there will still be kids, money and sick people in 30 years? And cops too? Who saw that coming? Crime will still be a problem in 30 years? Next you're gonna tell me that there will still be computer programmers and chefs and farmers in 30 years.
This is one of the most bullshit articles from anyone, let alone Yahoo. All these 7 jobs tells me is that there will be criminals, money, sick people, kids and people avoiding taxes in 30 years. You could of asked me "What will still be around in 30 years?" and I would of had all of those (maybe not the taxes one) in my list.
And half of this list could be bullshit too. If robots keep going the way they have been going with their leaps and bounds, we won't need cops (Robocop), teachers (online courses), nurses(more doctors), and online banking (already done). This list will either be 100% correct or only like half right. Only time, and androids, will tell

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