Friday, April 8, 2011

Top 10 Beach In The World Is An Hour Away From Me Out of the countless ocean-side paradises throughout the world one would think that the top 10 beaches would be in the Caribbean, the South Pacific, along the Mediterranean coast and…New Jersey? Yup. Trip Advisor has named Cape May Beach the second best in the nation and the ninth in the world. Beating out Costa Rica, Maldives on the Indian Ocean, Bora Bora, and Cyprus, just to name a few, this New Jersey shore town is lauded for it’s lack of “Jersey Shore” environment that includes Victorian mansions and a famous lighthouse. The only U.S. beach to beat out Cape May is Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

#9! Just squeaked by. Rounding out the top 10. People said they made a mistake putting Cape May in the big leagues. They said the same about VCU and guess who made it to the Final Four. Aruba, Jamaica, Cayman Islands, New Jersey.

Fuck all the people who like to clown on Jersey. They see North Jersey, Seaside Heights, guidos and clubs. They smell the run-off from New York factories mixed with Axe body spray and figure that's how the whole shore smells. They just don't go far enough to get away from the NY odor still lingering in the smoggy air.

New York is the reason New Yorkers don't like New Jersey. It is like looking behind the curtain at a play. North Jersey is where all the bad shit (besides hooker killers, hobos, rats, pigeons, crack heads and hipsters) goes.

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