Saturday, April 30, 2011

Ummm. Don't Watch This, Just Laugh At My Awesome References

I had a nice day with Thai duck and Parks and Rec and then my night goes to shit. I got my first "tip" about something to blog. Cool, people want to hear my opinion. So I check it out and this is what came up but I'm a people person and I know when to "give the people what they want".

Disclosure: I recommend just not watching this. Everything that happens you can tell by the screenshot and that it is called "rihanna - m&s". If you still decide you need to watch this, read on.

1. Off the bat he gets the name of the song wrong. "m&s"? Dude, you say "s&m" like 20 times in the video and you still get it wrong in the title.

2. This kid is like the British even gayer Fred. For those of you who don't know Fred be grateful I didn't put up a link to trick you into clicking. He is an extremely annoying kid who speeds up his talking to sound like a little kid who has just been fed about 10 of those lunches the weird chick had in Breakfast Club. You know you're off to a horrible video when in their banner they put the "R" backwards like Toys 'R' Us.

3. "Request"? Who ever asks this kid to make more videos? He already has 16 videos in one month. And they are all him dancing to dumb ass songs. Love Game, Holla Back Girl, Hit Me Baby One More Time, Peacock, and Forget You (really? Can't say fuck with all those teeth outside your lips?).

4. What is with the accents on the names? Seriously, if they weren't in the description I wouldn't of know who the song was dedicated to. Also, I immediately hate the shit out of this kid and want to turn it off because I know nothing good will happen from now til the end.

5. #4 is completely wrong. "Mom don't come in." The mom probably thinks her son is doing one normal thing, beating off. Little does she know he is going to do a song about kinky sex. This is the result of bad parenting. Once you are told to stay out, as a parent the first thing you need to do is go see what they're doing. What does this mom think is going on? "Mom don't come in, I can't have any distractions if I'm going to study to become a doctor."

6. Is anyone surprised those teeth go with that accent? I think not. It is like a caricature of someone trying to be funny when being told to draw me a picture of the teeth of a guy with this voice *plays video*.

7. "Sex and Magic"? He is related to Harry Potter. I guess those are the effects of living through the death spell. You look like that.

8. That is all. Everything after this just looks like a desperate kid with no friends trying to get famous on youtube by acting ridiculous and not taking their Ritalin and than trying to be funny.

9. I need to point this out. How is there a lag between him and the computer? There is less of a lag when Anderson Cooper talks to Matt Lauer from Egypt, how is 5 feet making a difference?

Side note. Theresa, this is what I mean when I say you over sing, listen to 2:08-2:10. Rihanna is pretty much saying it and this kid thinks he's in the fucking opera.

10. What's with almost falling asleep singing "more and more".

11. Dude needs to take some lessons from Double Dream Feet guy.

12. "Best friend"? I think we can all agree that he has 0 friends rite? Just people that make fun of him to his face but since they all laugh he just goes along with it like they aren't just hazing the shit out of him the entire time he is in school.

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  1. The Brits are known for having some fucked up teeth. You've never heard of the "Big Book of British Smiles"?

    This kid is an exception to that though. His teeth were fine before he started uploading stupid videos to the internet. /punch

    He never learns.