Sunday, April 24, 2011

Weird Font Helps You Remember

Princeton University Dept. of Psych released an article earlier this year that shows that text in an unusual or hard to read font helps you remember things better. This seems like a no brainer. Ever copy notes from a kid who had shitty hand writing? Once you figure out what the fuck they say you don't even need to write them down because you have them memorized because it took you like an hour and the goddamn Rosetta Stone (not the comp. program, the actual Egyptian Rosetta Stone) just to write half a page of notes about Eli Whitney and the cotton gin. Ever go to a myspace or tumblr where they use font that looks like your 85 year-old grandmother with Parkinson's wrote it with a pink glittery gel pen because it makes them feel artsy and deep? That is when shit like "Live. Laugh. Love. <3" will forever be burned into your mind.

Studies like this are released all the time. Knowledge I knew for years and took for granted as fact, only to have a study released about them. Oh, you mean to tell me people like rewards and hate pain? No shit. Oh, people are happier on the weekend? Ridiculous. Fat chicks have a bad self image? I'm shocked. (All real studies by the way.) When I need to write a study I am just going to pick the most obvious shit and prove it. Get ready for my college thesis called "Most Doctors, Lawyer, and Business Moguls In It For The Money.". Absolutely obvious but still will get me my PhD.

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