Friday, April 29, 2011

What The Fuck Madden People?

First you upset me by not putting Vick on the cover. First off, I am a Giant fan but I have a soft spot for Vick because I picked him up in fa and he did nothing but kill it so much that I had Phillip Rivers on my bench. The number 3 qb in the league I had benched because Vick just straight killed it every week*. Dude pretty much ran my offense, not to mention I have been using whatever team he is on in Madden since '04 when he was pretty much a glitch. But no, they put a flash-in-the-pan running back on the cover because people in Cleveland have nothing better to do.

The southern racists also probably helped him beat Vick just because he is white. Well guess the joke is on them. Look at that fucking cover. That Peyton Hillis is darker than Snookie. Apparently the people at Madden decided they needed to compromise with the first white guy on the cover and made him mocha like Derek Jeter.

*Now, here I could take the low road and make a joke about how he was killing defensive coordinators more ruthlessly than the losing dogs but I'm above that.

P.s. The spell checker on here noticed Vick but not Hillis. Point, set, match.

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