Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Americans Almost Like Dessert More Than Sex

New York Post- Nearly a quarter of Americans would rather have a great body then be $1 million rich. A survey released today shows that 22 percent of people would pass up on such a staggering amount of money to have their dream body for the rest of their lives. The Nutrisystem Diet Index also found that Americans are attached to their favorite foods. For example, 45 percent admit it would be more difficult to give up their favorite dessert than sex for one month... A survey released today shows that 22 percent of people would pass up on $1 million to have their dream body for the rest of their lives. The survey also found: -- Thirty-six percent of those who are married or in serious relationships would rather "share the number of sexual partners they’ve had than discuss their weight." -- Seventeen percent have gone so far as to lie about their weight on documents such as their driver’s license, ID cards and other forms. -- Fifty percent who are also members of social networking sites like Facebook admit most of the pictures posted to their profiles are shot from the waist-up rather than full-body. -- Sixty-eight percent said they've tried a diet at least once in their lifetimes. The survey also revealed the fixation Americans have with celebrities and their body parts. When women were asked who they consider to be in perfect physical shape, those who were asked agreed it was a combination of First Lady Michelle Obama’s arms (22 percent), Jennifer Lopez’s legs (24 percent) and derriere (20 percent) and Jessica Alba’s abs (11 percent). Men, on the other hand, favored Vin Diesel’s arms (35 percent) and Matthew McConaughey’s chiseled abs (16 percent). "While Americans are obsessed with celebrity weight loss and physical fitness, our research reveals that their focus should be shifted to their own health," said Joe Redling, chairman and CEO of Nutrisystem. The survey found that 51 percent of women who weighed in think that if a male star gained a significant amount of weight – like 50 pounds -- he would "not be hot anymore." Men agreed when it came to female celebrities with 48 percent saying they’d find her unattractive if she packed on the same amount of weight. 

1. What do women look for in a man? If your answer was anything besides "money" you're dead wrong. Women masturbate to piles of money. All you have to do to sext them is send "I have a million dollars in my account." Done. Ask a woman how many times they've rubbed the bean to a picture of abs. I bet my million that they say zero.
2. The 45% of people who would rather give up sex than dessert have to be lonely (or fat) as fuck rite? They have to be the people who only get laid at most 2x a month so they just give up the 2 times to eat their creme brulee 3x a week. I bet everyone who gets it on the regular was part of the 55%. There is no way anyone gives up 20+ orgasms a month to eat some tiramisu 4 nights a week.
3. The 36% who would rather share their sex number than their weight are the dumbest people in this whole article. Mini-list
     a. The actual number doesn't matter. The person you are with is gonna see you naked. If you look smoking hot naked, you could weigh 200 lbs for all I care. You might not be getting on top but that's just because I like to breathe.
     b. If her number is too high she automatically looks like a slut. She could be the most wholesome sweet girl in the world, if that number is more than your guess, she is a slut.
     c. If her number is too low you are set to figure out why that number is so low. You can't just ask her "Why have you only slept with X people?" That is a weird question in itself but since you can't ask it you have to take it upon yourself and your detective skills to figure out what is wrong with her.
4. Why lie about your weight on your driver's license and shit? So the bouncers and cops don't think you are fat?
5. 50 lbs is a lot of weight. Not many people can look good 50 lbs heave. Whoever they are  they would have to be bone thin and smoking hot to look good 50 lbs. Social norm says a girl should be no more than like 150. You know how a girl less than 100 lbs looks? Usually too small to be hot unless they are like less than 5'. Eva Longoria is 5'2" and weighs over 100 lbs. Imagine her 155 lbs? Ben Stiller weighs 155 lbs and is still 5 inches taller than her. Sorry but I don't think she would be hot.

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