Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Cats & Comics

by, Barbara Ang

^ This is what I look like when no one's around. 1:17 is my favorite.

So I'm browsing through 1188 pages of The Animal Blog because I swore I wouldn't leave my room if the Celtics lost. Not because I lost a bet or anything. I'm mourning. Not unlike Lakers fans, I imagine. Burn.

Now, I know I'm a little late on this (partly, if not entirely on purpose), but last Saturday was Free Comic Book Day. If you hurry, Midtown Comics still has a few of its FCBD comics available free on their website.

Below is a page from Elric: The Balance Lost, one of the giveaways. I'll let you know how the rest are once they arrive.
SEND ME YOUR RECOMMENDATIONS. They will be read over delicious Thor Slurpees.

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  1. Read Chew, it's a graphic novel about this detective named Tony Chu who can read the memories of whatever it is he eats. Add in a dash of cannibalism and totalitarianism, and you have a decent read.