Monday, May 2, 2011

Guess Who Is Still Getting His Crippled Ass Laid

WFFA — L.D. Bell High School student Ben Ross recently survived a serious accident. On Saturday night, he still made it to his prom in the vehicle of his dreams — a giant hot dog. Ross was seriously injured while riding his motorcycle last month. While at his hospital bedside, his mom remembered Ben joking about going to the prom in the “Weinermobile.” So she launched an online campaign and convinced Oscar Mayer to send the distinctive hot dog-shaped vehicle to take Ben and girlfriend Molly Muchow to Saturday’s prom at the Dallas Trade Center.

Prom has to be the one time you can just do whatever the fuck you want and still get it in. That and if you are on tv (or a musician). Like, no other time can you ride around in a giant Kosher ballpark treat and still get laid. Probably drove that weinermobile right to the doctors the day before to get some Viagra cause his shit doesn't work anymore.

You know the only reason this kid said okay was because this girl is his girlfriend and not some chick he's trying to impress. His mom probably wanted to do something nice for him by getting him the weinermobile for his prom but you know his girl let him have it.

"What the fuck is this? I am a princess with my dress. I want a limo, not this giant metal dick looking piece of shit. No way am I going to prom in this...  Wait, did you say we were gonna be on tv for it? In that case sure, lets do this." Only thing chicks love more than limos and shit is being on tv and showing off.

And the only way this kid got Molly is because he rode a motorcycle.

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