Friday, May 6, 2011

Guy Sued $11 Million for Getting No Boners

NewsAN Emirati man is being sued for a whopping $10.99 million for failing to have sex with his wife and causing her mental anguish. The unidentified woman told the court that her Emirati husband did not sleep with her in the first four months of their marriage and later she discovered that he suffered from erectile dysfunction, Gulf News said.  The newspaper quoted court records as saying that the woman alleged her husband failed to fulfil her needs.  The case is pending before Dubai Courts.  “Considering the conservative Arab values, and the woman’s situation in such a society, I remained silent and tried to adapt by praying to God that things would improve,” she said.   The woman  claimed $10.99 million in compensation.  

How has Viagra not scooped this up as an ad yet. Right now they have shitty commercials, them and Cialis. Who gives a shit about old people who can't get it up in bath tubs outside. "Pay $5 for Viagra and get it up or pay $11 million dollars and not get to have any sex. The choice sounds simple." 100x more effective than whatever the fuck they're showing now. I don't even have ED and am contemplating buying some backups just so I never have to worry about an $11 million law suit.

This must be some freaky chick. She must really want that dick to sue for so much money. They're from the UAE too, that means she was most likely a virgin because they stone any girls who had consensual sex before marriage. For that matter, they stone any females who were raped to because they are still "un-pure". Great place to live rite?

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