Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Where's Robin When You Need Him

I like how everyone thinks this is a joke until Batman tells the guy in the white to suck his dick. That's when everyone is like "Oh shit. He's dead ass. Shits about to go down.".Who can take that bum-ass Batman serious, with his foam 6-pack and pushing out his chest. And if you're gonna even put a Batman costume on you can't go at a guy open handed. At least ball your hand up into a fist. At least then you won't look like suck a bitch when you get your ass knocked out. And what a rookie superhero move, who takes off their mask in public? That completely defeats the purpose of wearing it to begin with. Batman is a sham.

But seriously, this has to be the fake Batman from the beginning of Dark Knight, rite? He is trying to do good and just gets his ass beat. Leave the superhero shit for the real heroes. Well in Batman's case, the rich guy who can afford awesome weapon and good karate training.

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