Friday, May 6, 2011

Idiot Jumps Into Hudson River For God Knows What Reason

RENSSELAER, N.Y. (AP)Authorities in New York say a 21-year-old man who jumped into the Hudson River to escape police got all wet for nothing. The man was riding in a car Wednesday afternoon when it was pulled over by police in Rensselaer, across the Hudson River from Albany. Police say he bolted from the car’s passenger side and ran toward the river, where he jumped in near a bridge. The current carried him about 250 feet down river before he was able to grab onto a branch. Police soon arrived and pulled him from the 50-degree water. Authorities say the man, whose name hasn’t been released, thought there was a warrant out for his arrest. But police say there was no warrant. He was taken to an Albany hospital for an examination.

He must of done something horrible to rather jump in the Hudson rather than go to jail. Like, he must of killed someone to have a warrant worthy of jumping into the Hudson. I would rather go to jail for 10 years than jump in the giant river of toxic waste. Unless he is a complete idiot and hoped to get some super powers. That is how it works rite? Like a guy thinks he has a warrant out for him so he jumps into the Hudson river, this jump into radioactive waste gives him superpowers and he devotes himself to stopping the people who he used to portray. That is probably what happened. That is probably why he was taken to an Albany hospital. The examination was to exam his superpowers like Level 33.1 in Smallville, like this kid was hoping there was some Kryptonite in the water that turned him into a meteor freak worthy of the Wall of Weird.

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