Sunday, May 8, 2011

Reasons #2-4 Why Jimmy Fallon Has The Best Job Ever

Yea. Remember when I said Jimmy Fallon has the best job ever? Well this solidified that claim completely. 3-point Random Item Shootout with Carmelo Anthony. Who doesn't want to throw wedding cakes at basketball hoops with NBA All-Stars? You know his writers don't give a shit if it is funny or not. It must just be "so, Jimmy. What do you want to do with Carmelo Anthony?" "Let's throw some shit at basketball hoops." "And we have a chef coming on what do you want him to do?" "How about he cooks me some delicious food and we drink a little." "Can do." "Hey ?uestLove, wanna do a skit about Jersey Shore with me and Tina Fey?" "Fuck it. Let's do this shit."

I would drop out now to do his show for 1/10 of the money he is getting paid. I would do it for free and get a part time job at Wawa to do the cool shit he does."

P.s. I just found out he makes $55,000 an episode ($275,000 a week). I would work an entire year for what he makes in one episode. Get at me NBC. Call my agent (i.e. myself) and let's set something up.

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