Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Lack of Posts

I started summer vacation like a week ago. As readers of my blog may have noticed, it is around the same time when I stopped being productive in every way. It started with finals. "I'll be able to blog all time once I'm done school, especially these fucking finals. They're taking up all my time.". And it was acceptable, finals and all those fucking term papers you're supposed to do throughout the semester but you don't learn what you need to know til the last week of class than they all want them within the same 3 days. Fuck those teachers. And my propensity to procrastinate is ridiculous. I will wait until the day before, or the day of, to study or write a paper or anything. I seriously didn't open a text book all year until finals, except for mid-terms.
But that was all understandable, than I came home. I was home and all ready to blog and kick it in to overdrive and take over the internets. But I didn't. I just layed around watching TV and reading graphic novels because I don't have the attention span to pay attention to a whole page of words, let alone a bunch of them bind-ed together. Blogs and word bubbles are about the most I can read before I get so bored I just wanna give my eyes paper cuts.
At this moment I am in an airport with the slowest wi-fi in the fucking world. I swear Atlantic City Airport is still running on AOL and has to turn off the wi-fi every time they get a phone call. That is why, even though I am bored as shit and ready to post I was only able to post the one story I was planning on blogging about before and this thing because there is no other page I need to load. I am now going to Florida where I will probably not post that much but you should still keep coming here because you never know what awesome shit I might put up. Plus, I wanna get to 1000 views (at 929 now). So, I will start posting more soon if not really soon.

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