Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Mom With Shocker License Plate

SUFFOLK“I was tickled to death I had two little girls. My favorite color is pink,” explained Dana Cobb, “so I did a license plate, just like many other people do, to let everybody know I was the proud mom of two beautiful little girls that I love to dress in pink.”More than 12 years later, the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles is recalling Cobb’s license plates which read “2INPINK.” Instead of seeing a mother’s bragging in the number and letters, someone saw a dirty message, part of an expression referring to a sex act. That person filed a complaint with the Commonwealth. After considering the complaint, people in the DMV saw the person’s point. “I had never heard this saying before,” Cobb told 13News. “I guess you can take anything innocent these days and turn it into something sexually graphic or explicit.” The mom of two is appealing the DMV’s decision to recall her plates, feeling, in part the process has been a waste of everyone’s time and money. “I should have to relinquish something that’s innocent and precious to me, because they want to turn it into something that it’s not, and that’s what’s bothering me over this whole thing,” said Cobb. “I’ve seriously thought about putting in for a license plate that says ‘DMV SUX,’ to see if I could get that passed through, or would they deny that because I was being derogatory against the DMV?” 

Who determines what license plates are offensive and how do I get this job? Do they just have someone going over them and circling the ones that could be considered vulgar? And it must be like a 20 something year old checking them. Like, "could this be construed as sexting or swearing? Yea? Okay, don't let them keep it." And that job has to be for like 5 unemployed 20 year olds because no one over like 30 knows what the shocker is. Do they throw in some dirty ones to make sure the checkers can still tell what is dirty? Like, "Hey Dave, you're like 30 now which means its almost time for you to retire. You didn't even catch the DUMKUNT we planted as evaluation.". And what is the cut-off for what is dirty what if something is like ILUVBJS? Maybe someone just appreciates wholesale grocery shopping.

P.s. How awesome would it be if her husband's plates were 1INSTINK. No excuses there (unless he is a proctologist).

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