Thursday, May 12, 2011

SoHo Bitching About A Trailer

The Scoop- The city of New York typically has a pretty high threshold for the inconveniences that come with movies that are filmed here, but Will Smith has discovered the breaking point. In NYC to film "Men in Black III," Smith had parked a massive, double-decker, 1,150-square foot trailer smack in the middle of the Soho neighborhood. Adding insult to injury for the people inconvenienced by the behemoth, Smith is renting an apartment less than a mile away. The trailer, nicknamed "The Heat," as the New York Post reports, "includes a lounge, a movie room with a 100-inch screen, marble floors throughout, offices for his assistants and writing staff, a large bedroom and all-granite bathroom. It measures about 53 feet long, has 22 wheels and weighs in at around 30 tons." "It looks bigger than my apartment!" Brigette Moreno, who lives in the building next to where the trailer was docked Tuesday, told the Post. "The smell that comes along with it is disgusting. It's like living in a gas station. I really like Will Smith, but I would be embarrassed if that was my trailer. A little modesty goes a long way."

1. All of New York smells like gas, garbage and hobo body odor anyway, this just helps overpower the smell of hipsters and tourist's garbage.
2. These people are just mad that Will Smith has a better trailer than they have homes, and they pay close to the same amount
3. Men In Black III is going to be fire. I'd let Will Smith park his big ass 2-story trailer where ever the fuck he wants. Everything that guy touches turns to gold. Like, what was the worst thing he was ever in? Wild Wild West? Dude, that shit still made $225 million. The only two movies that he has been in that haven't made $100 million? Anyone? Ali, a fucking Oscar nominee, and The Legend of Bagger Vance, where he plays a black caddy for Matt Damon in the 1930's but was still awesome some how.
4. The trailer was only gonna be there til Friday anyway. Really? You're gonna bitch about a road block for 3 days when you have road work done every other block for like months at a time and you're complaining about 3 days? You're just mad you have to walk past it every time you leave your studio apartment that you say is "cozy and artsy" when its really just all you could afford because you wanna live in SoHo.
5. "I really like Will Smith, but I would be embarrassed if that was my trailer. A little modesty goes a long way."- Some dickhead. If that was my trailer I would be hauling it throughout all of Manhattan just yelling out my window from my California King sized bed "Hey bitches, check out my ride. It has a 100-inch TV in it. Wanna come watch Hitch?". Quit hating you jealous pussy.

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