Sunday, May 15, 2011

Sorry For Partying

One guess. What Mexican, futbol blocking, womanizing rapper that sips on gin, juice and that dirty delsym needs to keep in touch with this mediocre blogger? If your guess was Oscar Perez you're only half correct. The actual answer is Miguelito Moschetto (@moschetto_ofic for you twitter goers.).

When challenged with writing a blog about Moschetts my innital reaction was "Don't threaten me with a good time." My second thought was that I was stuck on what I would write about and what I would have to leave out. There is just so much. Do I write about how he broke one of our bathrooms and have to leave out how he got the nickname Miguelito (hint: Aye Miguelito!)? Or do I write about how he starts drinking at noon for a final at 3 pm, and still brags about how easy it was? But if I tell that story I need to leave out how he can get it in more than his roommates with girlfriends. I could talk about how he can site MLB players from the 80's and 90's that even the actual player's parents barely remember, or talk about his epic beer pong skills including shooting 2 balls at once and making both cups (the last two cups none the less) or going 10/10 (and none of that pussy leaning like a motherfucker "World Series of Beer Pong" shit, I'm talking elbow behind the table) and not hearing shit just watching the cup splash like a cannonball by a sumo wrestler every time.

So to write a blog about this man would be an insult, a book would be required. Whoever published Tucker Max's book get at me, I have a new college icon. He is the fratty as fuck bro that wore Ray Ban Warefares in class for an entire month until he got his new pair of glasses from Brooks Brothers (what did I  tell you? Fratty as fuck) because his regular glasses broke. Imagine the kid  in the back with the pastel polo and khaki shorts above the knee with the Sperry slip-ons rocking Wayfares in the back of the class smelling like 4 Lokos while your teacher rambles on about assets and liquidity and lock-outs. That is Moschetto

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