Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Sweet Dive Bro

Every time me and someone else do something that requires teamwork and a count off you gotta make sure everyone is on the same page. They think I'm just being a pain in the ass "Do we go on 'three' or do we go on 'go'? 'Go'? Okay, so it is 'one, two, three, go'." You always go on 'go', never on three. You do bad shit on three like get a needle or rip off a band-aid, not throw a dude in a pool when his ribs are on the line. You double check what everyone is doing and it gets done right. I haven't had anyone break any ribs when everyone goes on 'go'.

P.s. Fuck the people that do bad shit on 2 than say they were doing it for you. I was getting ready, I wasn't ready at 2 you prick.

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