Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Anthony Weiner Needs Some Advice

So, apparently it's not okay to send chicks pictures of your junk? Dude if you are gonna go showin your dick to chicks via pictures you need to keep to a couple of rules/guidelines.
1. Watch this (that was a link you were supposed to click). That is pretty much all you need to know.
2. How are you getting in trouble for a shot of you still wearing clothes. That is probably why you didn't get any off this pic. Full Monty or you mind as well not even bother. Look at Brett Favre, he didn't give a shit and people probably forgot by now.
3. Why didn't you change your name back during school when people were calling you wiener. Do you know how many different "Weiner's Weiner" or "Weiner Exposed" headlines I have seen. People aren't even getting clever anymore.
4. Who in their right fucking mind would send this kind of shit through twitter and facebook? Dude, you don't have email? Maybe something so that when you do send a picture or message that not everyone gets it?

It has now also come out that he had engaged in dirty messaging (I hate the term sext, its retarded) with six other girls. Weiner is the Tiger Woods of the Congress. Except Tiger was getting it in and Weiner was better off going to youporn.com a couple of times a week instead of flirting with bitches across the country.

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