Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Chappelle Show Is Back (Kind Of)

The Daily – Dave Chappelle is back, bitches! The beloved comic is planning a new TV show with a paid subscription service like Netflix, Sony’s Crackle, or Hulu, which are now competing in the original programming game, a plugged-in source told Flash. “Dave Chappelle’s going back to TV,” tattled our insider. “It’s not for a network. It’s for Netflix or Crackle or some other subscription service.”Chappelle had one of the biggest flameouts in show business history when he abruptly went MIA in 2005, bolting his top-rated “Chappelle’s Show” in its third season. The funnyman shocked the world when he walked away from the $50 million Comedy Central would have paid him over the next two years. “I felt like some kind of prostitute or something. If I feel so bad, why keep on showing up to this place?” Chappelle confessed to Oprah Winfrey when he returned from his strange pilgrimage to South Africa. “The hardest thing to do is to be true to yourself, especially when everybody is watching.” More recently, Chappelle has been dropping by comedy clubs from Los Angeles to San Francisco for surprise standup gigs, calling himself the “Big Foot of Comedy” because “you never know when he’s going to show up.” A source at Hollywood’s Laugh Factory said Chappelle has been trying out fresh material: “It’s all new. He started off talking about his career and what he’s going to do now, because someone like him can’t do ‘Dancing with the Stars.’ He’s obviously working on some new project.” Chappelle’s been joking about his stalled career and riffing about President Obama, but not all of it has been side-splitting hilarity. “It was really depressing. He was talking about the past, about the show,” said a comedy circuit veteran who caught a Chappelle gig at The Comedy Store in L.A. “Not that many people walk away from a show like that on Comedy Central and get a second chance. But he’s still incredible.” Chappelle appeared super-sober, said our source: “People were offering him [marijuana], but he wasn’t taking any.” A move to a streaming service like Hulu would allow Chappelle to bypass the lack of creative control he claims he had at Comedy Central parent company Viacom.

Well it's not official and it won't be on Comedy Central but Dave Chappelle  is back. His show was one of the top 5 funnies shows of all time. It was like a funny "Important Things with Demetri Martin". This will be somewhere like Hulu or Netflix, somewhere where he has the creative freedom like he didn't have at Comedy Central. You know, the reason he ran to Africa. Cause he was CC's bitch and he hated it. This is one of the few shows I have on DVD. Like everything this guy put out, even the "Lost Episodes". His stand up is still fire and he probably has shit back logged about like "If I still had a show, this is what I would do." I just might have to get that stupid Hulu Plus I see commercials for all the time while I am watching the free Hulu. The only advert they had to show was "Coming Soon. Dave Chappelle's new show." Boom, sold.

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