Friday, June 3, 2011

Chick Uses Piss As Perfume

AOL News: Conceptual artist Cherry Tree has a scent of mystery about her. And the smell of urine. Her urine. And it’s intentional. For the last five years, Tree, who splits time between Missouri and Spain, has been turning her own urine into perfume. “I am very much into recycling,” Tree, born Charity Blansit, told AOL Weird News. “And urine is something I’ve thought needs to be recycled, since it’s something that gets eliminated.” It’s a whiz of an idea and one that Tree was inspired to turn into a reality in 2006. “It was the first morning after a full moon,” she said. “And I decided to collect my urine in a perfume bottle.” At first, Tree’s concept was only to collect urine after each full moon. “I was fascinated by how the smell changes depending on what you eat,” she said. “For instance, it smells really good after you eat a lot of honey and it smells terrible after eating chicken.”

1. Piss smells horrible. That and body odor are the only reasons homeless people are so detestable. Take away the smells of homeless and they are just normal subway people. Who voluntarily smells like piss? What a gross bitch.

2. Really "Cherry Tree". That is your name? I guess "Charity" isn't a hippy enough name for a psycho who uses urine to smell better.

3. Did she use any studies to determine the market? Ask people "What do you think of this (sprays Obsession)? Okay, now what about this (sprays Axe)? Okay, and lastly what about this one (sprays her piss)? Oh really, the last one smells like urine? So, you rate that above the Axe but below everything else? Thank you for your time, here is a home kit to make your own; a funnel, a perfume bottle and some honey.

4. I need to know more about how the moon changes the smell of your piss? Like does a crescent moon make is smell sweeter while a new moon makes it more earthy? Blue moons have the same effect as asparagus.

5. Am I the only one shocked that a hippy named "Cherry Tree" and uses piss to smell good isn't a vegetarian? That is a twist M. Night can't write.

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