Sunday, June 26, 2011

Parents Let Children Have Sex In House

Giant would you rather here. Would you rather be a kid when you grew up or now? We keep hearing stories about shit being taken away from kids like fucking dodgeball, pinatas, and even balloons for Christ sake. So when you get this curveball thrown your way you are taken aback. Like, before this information leaked there would be no chance of me trading my childhood era for right now.  But if I could trade dodgeball for not having to worry about parents walking in I might take the deal. Shit, if I would never have to use the through the fly under the sun dress move again. Making sure your pants are the perfect distance away so that they aren't getting in the way but close enough that you can grab them if someone knocks and you need to scramble quick.

P.s. Wonder who the "cool parents" are in that neighborhood?

P.s.s. I tried using the same rational for drinking as a kid. "Hey mom, would you rather me go drink a 30 pack of Natty Light with friends out in empty parking lot or drink at home so I don't get in trouble and probably die."

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  1. "If your boyfriend or whoever knows that you have a perfectly open and available house, I think that takes away one of your big excuses."
    "Yeah, like how do you say no?"

    ^ You just do, you fucking retard.