Friday, June 24, 2011

People That Fat Mac (Rob McElhenney) Looks Like

Holy shit. What happened to Mac? Not enough martial arts I guess. Damn did he let himself go. Did all this happen while taping next season of It's Always Sunny? Did he get pregnant like Dee? Holy fat cheeks, way to make them look 100x bigger with that weird ass beard. Well to the title of this post: People that Mac looks like now that he is like 50 lbs fatter:
Billy Mays
Fat Steven Seagal
Al from Home Improvement
Big Boy after he learned to grow facial hair

And look at Dennis the Bob Dylan look alike in picture 2.

-Photos from Barstool Philly


  1. u forgot the dude from mad love and tucker and dale vs evil. tyler something

  2. who cares. fat is the new thin.

  3. I think he looks sexier with the fat. I'd date him.