Saturday, June 25, 2011

Soccer Players on Female Ghana Might Be Dudes

AFRICATwo players from the Equitorial Guinea women’s team have been dropped after their Ghanian opponents accused them of being men. On the eve of the Women’s World Cup in Germany later this month, Salimata and Bilguisa Simpore have been omitted from the national squad in the wake of a victory over Ghana that the losing side believe had a lot to do with the manliness of a couple of their opponents. “You only need to have physical contact with them to know this, and we can tell from what happened most times during the match,” said Ghana’s Diana Ankomah, according to an ESPN report.Ghana captain Florence Okoe added: “It is not as if we are throwing sour grapes, just because we have lost. Rather, this is the fact and it is up to the organisers to do something about this. It is not good for African women’s football.”

Guess Chad Ochocinco actually did make it playing soccer, he just had to go to fucking Ghana and join a girl's league. Is it worth it? Would you live in Ghana to be able to live your dream job, if you can even do it there? Like, if your dream job has to do with the internet, technology of any kind created before 1980, food that doesn't have flies swarming around it in an open market, movies, sports (besides soccer, rugby or cricket (if your dream job is to play cricket, just go play fucking cricket. Pretty sure it's not too tough to find a league to play in over there. Or just play baseball.)) than you can't really do it there. Like, my dream job would either be football player, porn star, or get paid like 500k per post to write blogs. Can't be a football player there and no chance I'm fucking chicks from Ghana. That leaves me getting paid to do this. Granted it is 500k more per post than I am making now but I would have to live in Ghana. Plus I'm getting paid in Ghana money, whatever the fuck that is. Not sure I could do it. I kind of like normal food and not having to dodge chickens and goats during my commute to watch some dudes kick some ass in a girls soccer league, which seems like the only form of entertainment since they probably only have like two channels that come in when you use the rabbit ears.

P.s. Not to be racist or anything but don't these guys chicks look like the guy from Blood Diamond?

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