Sunday, June 19, 2011

Weirdest Rape-At-Gunpoint Ever

Louisville, KY (The Weekly Vice) - Anton Malone, a 19-year-old Kentucky man was charged after he allegedly forced a man to perform sex acts on him at gun point – then shot the victim in the leg when he was finished. According to Louisville police, Malone forced another man at gun point to perform oral sex on him behind the Jefferson Community and Technical College building on Saturday night around midnight. Malone then allegedly forced the victim to perform anal sex on him before attempting to sodomize the victim – which was unsuccessful. Malone then forced the man to perform oral sex on him a second time – this time to completion. Once the sex acts were completed, Malone reportedly shot the victim twice in the left leg before fleeing the scene.

List time.

1. Apparently Kareem Said is back to his old acts (Kareem Said is a character from Oz on HBO about prison and this motherfucker looks identical to him).
2. How do you punish a guy that is forcing guys to stick it in his butt? Like, you can't send him to prison, that must be fucking heaven for this guy. Motherfucker doesn't even need a gun to get some action in prison.
3. Dave Chappelle is in 2 posts in a row. Granted this time it is about man-on-man rape but still, I think this is a first.
4. I just found this while searching for the above link. How spot on is his train of thought on this?
5. How can some dude go to the police and 1. say he was forced to blow a guy with a gun, and 2. the gun wielder looking for some head came. You think the guy who was doing the blowing kinda felt proud he made him "reach completion"? Maybe Anton knew something about this guy no one else knew.
6. How can you force a guy to be the pitcher? Unless he was rocking a serious fear boner.
7. Did the guy have a check list with him? "Gun, check. Mask, check. Anal lube, check. Okay, let's go do this shit."
8. How can you be bent over getting it stuck in your pooper, and still try and point a gun at the dude behind you?

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