Saturday, July 23, 2011

Amy Winehouse is Dead. Shocker?

So, people are surprised this bitch is dead? Like, I found out at work and was more shocked she was still alive. When your biggest hit is about not going to rehab, how are people shocked when you're killed by crack.

Is it just me or was this chick the most bi-polar girl alive when it came to being hot. Compare the pic above with this one. How someone can be so hot at times but than look like the picture above.

Hell, I was more surprised when I found out the NFLPA accepted the deal and now we get football soon enough. I was about to be super pissed with missing the only sport I really watch.


  1. bipolarly hot? no offense but i just google imaged her and she's pretty consistently ugly.

  2. I was gonna post all the hot pics of her but alas, the ratio was like 1000 to 1.