Thursday, July 21, 2011

Corn-Hole Prodigy? Really?

Found this little gem on about every fucking news outlet around. But I ignored it, because let's face it, who really wants to see a kid play in a yard while parents think their kid is special. But then I saw it on Yahoo! on their front goddamn page. There are only 4 stories at a time there. The others are about the NFL lockout ($9 billion dollar story), some chick making the new facebook ($100 million dollar story) and a story about Congress and the budget (ridiculous amounts of money). So, how if this video is in the same class as these stories, I guess I'm missing out.

I wasn't missing a fucking thing. It is exactly what I thought it was gonna be. Even if this kid didn't go 0 for 7 in the round right before that (simple editing could of fixed that). But let's be honest, who is really following the future of corn-holing? I mean bocce ball is 100x better than corn-hole but no-one still gives a shit about that either. This isn't a football prodigy, or basketball or anything. Great, this kid will be a hit in 15 years during tailgates and bbq's. Good luck trying to make any money off killing it half the time

P.s. Cheating bastard only threw 7 from like 3 feet away. How about you take a couple steps back and throw the 8th bag.

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